In this episode, we consider the leadership lessons from Mark Zuckerberg’s Congressional testimonies before the Senate and the House. We consider his effectiveness in answering the questions and how it positioned Facebook going forward with Congress, the regulators and the public. Some of the questions we considered are:

  • Made any sacrifices? Rather than make promises Zuckerberg and Facebook make any sacrifices? Could it be that Facebook is finally showing signs of understanding the importance of leading by example?
  • Looked forward and led the industry? Did Facebook offer to be a part of the regulatory landscape by offering an industry-wide proactive vision going forward?
  • Was he ready and willing to answer the toughest questions? Did Zuckerberg appear sympathetic and accept the role of public punching bag.
  • Did he stay on message? Did Zuckerberg get flustered when diverting from his prepared talking points?
  • Did he start thinking and acting like a media company, not a tech company? Facebook will find they get far more credit for leadership when it isn’t forced upon them by Washington. Did Zuckerberg change his approach in any meaningful way?

Most importantly, did Zuckerberg accept that government oversight and regulation are inevitable, thereby ensuring that Facebook has a hand in crafting what new regulations will look like.