Jay has returned from an Alaskan Disney cruise with the family. As OSU suspends its head coach and added a new phrase to our compliance and ethics lexicon significant memory issues; Tom and Jay are back with a look at some of the week’s top compliance and ethics stories.

  1. OSU head coach Urban Meyer suspended for three games by the OSU Board. The Board stated in part, “We also learned during the investigation that Coach Meyer has sometimes had significant memory issues in other situations where he had prior extensive knowledge of events. He has also periodically taken medicine that can negatively impair his memory, concentration, and focus.” See articles in Sports Illustrated here, here and here. In ESPN here and here. On The Ringer here.
  2. Corruption and PdVSA: another one bites the dust as former Swiss banker pleads guilty to money-laundering. Harry Cassin reports in the FCPA Blog. Sam Rubenfeld weighs in on the WSJ Risk and Compliance Journal.
  3. Should sports officials have a Code of Conduct? David Dodge says aye, writing in the SCCE Blog.
  4. Mike Volkov takes a look at CIFUS and what it means for compliance. Part 1 on the increasing risk in cross border M&A and Part 2 on CIFUS expanding authority.
  5. Former head of Brazilian soccer is sentenced to 4 years in jail for role in FIFA bribery scandal. Sam Rubenfeld rerports in the WSJ Risk and Compliance Journal.
  6. The paper chase: no it’s the paper trail. Francine McKenna considers the Cohen guilty plea from the paper trail perspective in MarketWatch.
  7. How did the tipping point in personal misconduct actually tip? Matt Kelly explores in the Navex blog Ethics and Compliance Matters.
  8. Would a no-deal Brexit be a disaster for compliance? Paul Hodgson reports in Compliance Week. (sub req’d)
  9. How did the CCO move from Hall Monitor to Strategic Partner? Maurice Gilbert interviews Gan Integrity’s Valarie Charles on CCI’s, Connected
  10. Tom considers compliance and the movies. Matt Kelly considers compliance on television. Tom says Film Noir informs better compliance, with an assist from Ethisphere on the FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog. Matt lists his favorite TV shows featuring compliance, on Radical Compliance.
  11. Tom and Jay review their Top 5 film noir
  12. On this week’s featured podcast series, I interviewed Vin DiCianni and Eric Feldman on ethical culture. Check out these podcasts: Part 1-What is an ethical Culture? Part 2-What factors influence culture?;Part 3-The role of a CCO in an ethical culture; Part 4-How does a company assess its culture? And Part 5-Ethical Culture as part of an E&C program assessment.

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