In this episode, I visit with Ellen Hunt, the Chief Audit Executive and Ethics & Compliance Officer at AARP.  She is a lawyer and ethics & compliance professional with extensive management experience in designing, implementing and operating ethics and compliance programs including board governance and reporting, designing ethics education, managing enterprise risk processes as well as handling investigations and regulatory agency inquiries. In light of all of the corporate recent scandals, the role of the Board in Ethics & Compliance has been getting more attention. Some of the key highlights are:

  • The role of the Board and the C-Suite and why is it important to running an effective ethics and compliance program.
  • A CCO must build trust with your Board and your C-Suite that you are a practical and reasonable business person who is there is help resolve problems not unnecessarily embarrass them.
  • Tone at the Top is not memos or even speeches. It is how they interact everyday with their staff and others.
  • We consider what went wrong at organizations like Uber, VW and Wells Fargo from the perspective of the Board and Compliance.
  • Organizational Justice is a key part of the Board’s responsibility. This means there is one set of rules and ethical obligations for everyone.
  • Why E&C expert is needed on the Board.
  • The role of the CCO and Board is that of a partnership and for it to work there has to be education, understanding and communication.
  • The E&C profession has to reset or rethink its response to certain situations, i.e., #MeToo, #UsToo, as investigations are not always the right response.

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