In this episode, I visit with Jonathan Marks, a partner at Baker & Tilly.  This podcast part of my Land of 1000 podcasts celebration. In this special series of podcasts I am reviewing the growth, maturation and development of topics over the past five years. Marks visits with my about some of the key developments in the field in forensic investigation and compliance from his perspective as an internal auditor and forensic investigator. Some of the key highlights are:

  • The expanding role of the Board and the C-Suite in forensic investigations.
  • How did the Justice Department’s requirement for a root cause analysis change the dynamics?
  • What do compliance professionals need to understand about forensic auditing in a best practices compliance program.
  • How the role(s) of the forensic auditor have expanded.
  • Internal controls must do more than exist, they must be effective.
  • What is a control?
  • Forensic audit is no longer just about the numbers.
  • How the behavioral aspects of fraud are becoming more prevalent in anti-corruption compliance.

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