In this very special 400th anniversary episode, I visit with Ben Reiter, the author of Astroball—The New Way to Win It All. In addition to discussing perhaps one of my favorite topics of all time-the Houston Astros winning the 2017 World Series (have I mentioned that before?), Reiter and I take a deep dive into his book. In it he discusses how the Astros mastered the use of data and data analytics and then married those skills into data science with the soft skills of traditional baseball scouting to create the winning team in 2017. The Astros experience, Reiter’s book and our discussion directly apply to the compliance professional and the use of data and data science in an operationalized, best practices compliance program. Some of the discussion highlights include: 

  • What led to the book?
  • How data and analytics can supplement human intuition but not replace it?
  • What were his biggest surprises in researching the book?.
  • How did Reiter and Sports Illustrated have the magic Gini to predict after the 3 worse seasons in the history of major league baseball, in just 3 more years the Astros would be WS champions?
  • How can compliance officers use the Astros approach?

To purchase a copy of Reiter’s book, Astroball, click here.