In this episode, I visit with podcast fan favorite Laura Perkins, a partner at Hughes, Hubbard and Reed. We discuss the recent 2ndCircuit Court of Appeals decision in the Hoskins matter. With Laura’s background as a former Justice Department prosecutor in the FCPA Unit, she brings a wealth of knowledge to what the decision may portend for the prosecution of FCPA cases going forward and how may impact corporate compliance programs as well. Some of the discussion highlights include: 

  1. Background to Hoskins case;
  2. Summary of facts of the case;
  3. Court holding;
  4. Implications for DOJ in prosecutions under the FCPA and other US laws; and
  5. Implications corporations doing business outside the US.

For a copy of the Hoskins opinion, click here.

In this episode of the FCPA Compliance report, former FCPA prosecutor Laura Perkins breaks down the Hoskins decision.