Compliance into the Weeds is the only weekly podcast which takes a deep dive into a compliance related topic, literally going into the weeds to more fully explore a subject. In this episode, Matt Kelly and I take a very deep dive into the increased prevalence of non-GAAP financial reporting.

Some of the highlights from this podcast are:

  1. There has been a three-fold increase in instances of non-GAAP financial reporting in the past 20 years.
  2. What are some of the reasons companies would choose to use non-GAAP financial reporting? Does it deceive or confuse investors? What does the SEC say about it?
  3. Companies claim that certain non-GAAP financial reporting paints a more complete picture of a company’s true financial health. Is that true?

We unpack of all these points and consider strategies going forward.

For more reading: see Matt’s piece Non-GAAP Reporting, Popular as Ever