Welcome to the only roundtable podcast in compliance. This week’s episode is entirely dedicated to the spectacle of the Ford-Kavanaugh hearings from the past week. Jonathan Armstrong is on assignment so Tom Fox sits in for Armstrong. After the commentary we follow with rants.

  1. Jay Rosen-through the lens of the recent Jewish High Holidays, Jay considers redemption. What does the Torah say about redemption? How do Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah inform us on seeking redemption and living the redemptive life throughout the year? In his rant, Jay bemoans the downturn in the Patriots fortunes but looks forward to seeing the Red Sox in the playoffs.
  1. Mike Volkov-a former federal prosecutor, Congressional staffer and investigator in corporate investigations considers the demeanors of Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh as witnesses? Armstrong rants on curse of the enthusiastic amateur. Mike rants about the denigration of the Supreme Court nomination process and how this could permanently demean the Court.
  1. Matt Kelly-considers what allegations are sufficient to warrant an investigation and what are some of the differences in an investigation through the political process and an internal investigation at a company. Matt gives a shout out to PwC Chairman Tim Ryan for his actions in the wake of the shooting in Dallas of an unarmed PwC employee in his home by a Dallas police officer.
  1. Tom Fox-considers judicial temperament. Did Kavanaugh demonstrate lack of sufficient judicial temperament in his partisan attack on the Democrats, the confirmation process and the US Senate? Would that type of temperament be allowed or tolerated in the corporate setting? Tom give a shout out to MLB schedulers who managed to schedule two single game elimination events for the last day of baseball’s 162 game season.

The members of the Everything Compliance panelist are:

  • Jay Rosen– Jay is Vice President, Business Development Corporate Monitoring at Affiliated Monitors. Rosen can be reached at JRosen@affiliatedmonitors.com
  • Mike Volkov– One of the top FCPA commentators and practitioners around and the Chief Executive Officer of The Volkov Law Group, LLC. Volkov can be reached at mvolkov@volkovlawgroup.com.
  • Matt Kelly– Founder and CEO of Radical Compliance. Kelly can be reached at mkelly@radicalcompliance.com
  • Jonathan Armstrong– Rounding out the panel is our UK colleague, who is an experienced lawyer with Cordery in London. Armstrong can be reached at armstrong@corderycompliance.com

The host and producer (and sometime panelist) of Everything Compliance is Tom Fox the Compliance Evangelist.