We know what a bribe is and what to do to avoid it, but bribery often takes many forms. If that’s the case, how can you prepare employees to identify and address risks that aren’t presented in black and white? Join Tom Fox and SAI Vice President of Learning, Rebecca Turco, as they discuss compliance training solutions. They talk about some of Rebecca’s best practices in compliance and ethics training, including adaptive training, along with other trends in learning.

  • Finding effective ways to target users with personalized training content can be quite a struggle for some companies. This is because one-size-fits-all compliance training programs aren’t effective in delivering key information. This is where adaptive learning comes in handy. It presents content and relevant information in more meaningful and relatable ways.
  • Rebecca talks about how adaptive learning doesn’t reinvent the whole training process. How it gives participants the freedom to skip the topics they already understand and focus on new yet relevant pieces of information. By following this trend, employees are rewarded for their demonstrated training competency and the company can save more resources.
  • How can compliance officers use adaptive training effectively? Rebecca talks about how asking questions and collecting participants’ answers enable compliance officers to create better learner profiles. Data collected from these sessions are then adapted into their technology for ease of access and delivery.
  • Asking employees reflective questions and branching out scenarios gauges the employee’s course understanding. Not only will you understand how your employee will handle potential risks, but you will also see how effective your E&C program is. This enables compliance officers to gather better and more relevant data. When employees understand why they need E&C training and how it can help them perform their jobs better, then they’ll improve.
  • How can you meet both the legal and market requirements while being effective and targeted? Content must be engaging and accessible – there shouldn’t be any barriers from receiving the training. Tom and Rebbeca talk about SAI’s new technology-based learning solution called, ‘Ethics Anywhere.’
  • The beauty of adaptive learning is that it improves the user experience. It re-calibrates user data and generates more accurate data. It also helps the company to understand if there are any gaps in their training knowledge as well as their compliance program. The more personalized content you deliver, the more refined data you’re collecting. The more refined your data is, the better your future content will become. But content isn’t all there is to a successful compliance program, so balance content engagement and delivery. This will lead to learners becoming more and more engaged,  year after year.

Ongoing Education

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