The Boston Red Sox thrash the LA Dodgers in the first two games of the World Series. Will they sweep the NL champs? The New England Patriots are back on top of their division. Is Jay heading for a fall? The lads regroup after the 2018 SCCE, Compliance and Ethics Institute to look at some of the week’s top compliance and ethics stories.

  1. Tom and Jay reflect on the just concluded SCCE 2018 Compliance and Ethics Institute. Matt Kelly blogs on Roy Snell’s retirement and random thoughts on Radical Compliance.
  2. Tom is shocked, simply shocked to find out there is money paid to top athletes to atend certain colleges to play sports. Where was the NCAA? See reports in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated and ESPN.
  3. Can some purloined notebooks lead to a bigger car wash? Waithera Junghae writes about how notebooks from a driver could break open a massive corruption scandal in Argentina. In GIR (sub req’d)
  4. Do you have Chinese companies in your supply chain? You’d better wake up to the risk. Jaclyn Jaeger reports in Compliance Week. (sub req’d) Speaking of supply chains, Mike Volkov says they can do good, in the Corruption, Crime and Compliance
  5. When Louis Sapirman speaks, you should listen. Adam Dobrik reports on Sapirman’s SCCE CEI talk in GIR. (Sub req’d)
  6. Got a compliance or governance question? Then “Ask Amii” as Amii Bernard-Bahn opens a mailbag column on Compliance Week where she answers your compliance and governance questions.
  7. Jonathan Marks talks corporate goverance common sense. Will Board’s listen? Check out his latest in his BoardandFraud blog posting.
  8. Did Goldman Sachs muzzle a whistleblower from going to the SEC? Emily Flitter reports in the New York Times.
  9. Looking for the top training on how to operationalize your compliance program? Tom announces a new Compliance Master Class to be held in NYC November 12 & 13, hosted by Jonathan Marks and Baker Tilly. For agenda, more information and registration details click here.
  10. Want to attend a top compliance conference but have no travel budget? Navex Global has the answer for you with its virtual conference. Check out details and registration here.

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