As Matt Kelly recently noted I have been expanding my social media interactions through the podcast format. Having previously founded the only podcast network in compliance, appropriately named the Compliance Podcast Network, I am pleased to announce the latest addition, the Daily Compliance News. This podcast will be posted daily at 7:00 AM Central Standard Time (when we return to CST, until then CDT).

The Daily Compliance News will be a short, 3-minute recap of some of the day’s top compliance stories. As its logo suggests, it is designed to be listened to over a cup of coffee. It will help every compliance practitioner start their day with the stories you need to know and be aware of for your compliance work. While there is much you can hear about there is a much smaller subset of things you really need to know and I will endeavor to provide that information to you with the Daily Compliance News.

In today’s edition of Daily Compliance News:

  • The Danske Bank AS whistleblower has been released from his NDA and will testify before the Danish and EU Parliaments. (Bloomberg)
  • If a whistleblower rings, is anyone listening? (MVolkov)
  • Yet another former PdVSA procurement officer, has pled guilty to AML charges in connection with bribery and corruption. (DOJ Press Release)
  • Former national KPMG Partner-in-Charge of Inspections has pled guilty to all five counts against him for stealing data on inspections from the PCAOB. (MarketWatch)
  • Adventures in Compliance looks at A Study in Scarlet and CCOs exercising power. (Compliance Podcast Network)

Take a sneak preview at our first offering:


The Daily Compliance News will be available on the following platforms: Libsyn, iTunes,FCPA Compliance Report, JDSurpaand YouTube.

I will have more exciting news about the Compliance Podcast Network later this month including a new platform, new shows and other exciting news. I hope you will continue to join me as I explore all things compliance through this exciting medium.