In this episode, I visit with James Koukios, a partner at Morrison and Foerster in Washington DC. Koukios is a former prosecutor from the Department of Justice who worked in the FCPA Unit. He is back to discuss the firm’s monthly newsletter the Top 10 International Anti-Corruption Developments for August 2018. In this podcast we discuss:

  1. How each month’s newsletter is produced, what goes into it and how topics and issues are generated.
  2. The declination with disgorgement received by the Insurance Corporation of Barbados Limited.
  3. There were three declinations discussed in the newsletter: (a) Guralp Systems Limited; (b) Hertz; (c) Electrobras; and (d) Sinotec Biovac. We briefly discuss each case and then the overall themes or lessons to be learned from them collectively;
  4. The case that keeps on giving and going-PdVSA. We discuss the month’s indictments and prosecutions.
  5. The 1MDB prosecutions and why every US company involved with 1MDB or the prior Malaysian government needs to scrub their operations and interactions with them now to determine if there were any suspicious payments.
  6. The Hoskins decision. What are the implications of this case for the compliance practitioner, white collar defense lawyer and in-house compliance professional.
  7. The incentives the Justice Department has given to companies to come in self-disclose FCPA violations under the Sessions administration.

To see the firm’s Top 10 International Anti-Corruption Developments for August 2018, click here.