In this episode, Jonathan Armstrong and I record our first emergency podcast on Life with GDPR. It relates to documents obtained by the UK Parliamentary Digital, Culture, Media and Sports Committee through its subpoena of an American executive of the US company Six4Three. This exec just happened to be in London with Facebook documents his company had obtained in unrelated litigation between Six4Three and Facebook. We present the Facebook Files and some of the highlights are:

  1. How did the chair of the DCMS Committee find out this exec was in the UK and had these Facebook documents?
  2. The documents are under seal by a court in California. Does that have any impact on the UK Parliament’s right to review and release the documents?
  3. Why did the Six4Three exec travel to London with the Facebook documents?
  4. What is the UK Parliamentary Privilege and how does it apply here?
  5. Given the black eye Facebook took in the US last week, will they continue to step in it in the UK as well?
  6. Could you make up a weirder set of facts?

For more information on the background facts, see article by Andrew Liptak in Verge.

The DCMS Committee will live stream its hearing on Tuesday, November 27. You can check it out here.