As Tom and Jay mourn the death of cultural icon Stan Lee, they consider that story and look at some of the week’s top compliance and ethics stories.

  1. Why Goldman’s ‘tick the box’ compliance program not good enough. FT editorial board. (sub req’d) What are 4 questions the DOJ is likely to ask and what are 4 areas of inquiry under the FCPA Corporate Enforcement. Tom explores in Part I and Part II. Mike Volkov asks ‘what about respondent superior’?; in his blog Crime, Corruption and Compliance. Richard Bistrong explained what happened during his guilty plea hearing for his FCPA criminal action, in the FCPA Blog.
  2. How can ISO 37001 be fixed? Joe Murphy lists 44 ways on the FCPA Blog.
  3. MoneyGram spanked again as it’s DPA is extended. John Rausch reports in his Dipping Through Geomotries
  4. Tesla names new Board Chair. Will she be able to rein in Elon Musk? Tom Krisher reports in the Washington Post.
  5. Has your company assess the impact of Brexit? If not, the SEC says you should do so. Tatyana Shumsky reports in the WSJ Risk & Compliance Journal.
  6. Why 2019 may well be a challenging year for internal audit. Rafael Go and Leslee McKnight write in Corporate Compliance Insights.
  7. Are companies meeting their human rights requirements? Sam Rubenfeld explores in WSJ Risk & Compliance Journal.
  8. What is the business impact of bribery and corruption in Venezuela? Chevron weighs pulling out. Kejal Vyas and Bradley Olson report in the WSJ.
  9. Chuck Duross says cutting back on compliance programs would be both short-sighted and foolish. Adam Dobrik reports in GIR.
  10. How has GDPR impacted M&A deals? Nina Trentmann reports in the WSJ Risk & Compliance Journal.
  11. In a sponsored podcast, Tom visits with Vin DiCianni and Eric Feldman of Affiliated Monitors on the impact of culture, compliance and monitoring for non-US companies in countries outside the US. Part I-Introduction, Part II-International Enforcement Trends, Part III-Spain, Part IV-Development of Monnitoring in International Enforcement and Part V-International Challenges for Monitors.

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