As Tom and Jay prepare for the December holiday season, they consider data privacy, an FCPA trial, the Moonves scandal, give personal remembrances of and say farewell to George H. W. Bush and all while reviewing the week’s top compliance and ethics stories.

  1. Compliance Week devotes an entire issue to data privacy. Some of the highlights include: Hillary Wandall on what could federal data privacy legislation; Joe Mont, Jaclyn Jaeger and TomFox on unintended consequences; Jaclyn Jaeger considers the elements of a best in class data . (sub req’d for all articles)
  2. Huawei CFO (and daughter of founder) arrested in Canada for US trade sanction violations. What will be the fallout? In the New York Times. In the Wall Street Journal.
  3. Did Jho Low bribe US government officials? John Rausch weighs in on his blog Dipping Through Geometries. 
  4. Can banks improve their AML programs without fear of enforcement? US regulators say yes. State of New York-maybe. Sam Rubenfeld reports in the WSJ Risk and Compliance Journal. Matt Kelly weighs in on Radical Compliance.
  5. How will Goldman Sach’s role in the 1MDB scandal test the DOJ? Robert Anello and Richard Albert explore this question in a New York Law Journal. 
  6. Hong Kong’s former home secretary was convicted of FCPA violations bribing African officials on behalf of a Chinese energy company. Dick Cassin reports in the FCPA Blog.
  7. More commentary on modifications to the Yates Memo and what it means for the CCO. Jonathan Marks on Board and Fraud. Michael W. Peregrine and Rebecca Martin on NYU’s Compliance and Enforcement Blog. Tom weighs in on the FCPA Compliance Blog. Matt Kelly’s thoughts on Radical Compliance. Kevin LaCroix looks at the insurance implications on the D&O Diary.
  8. The investigation into Les Moonves and his conduct at CBS is damning. James Stewart reports in his Common Sense column in the NYT. Rachel Abrams and David Enrich report on Four Key takeaways, also in the NYT. Matthew Dessem, writing in Slate says no matter how bad you think it may have been; it was much worse and he is right.
  9. Great Women in Compliance premiered on the Compliance Podcast Network this week. In Episode 1, Tom interviews Mary Shirley and Lisa Fine on why they started the podcast. In Episode 2, Mary Shirley visits with Kristy Grant-Hart. In Episode 3, Lisa Fine visits with Ellen Hunt. All podcasts are also available on iTunes, JDSupra, YouTube and Panoply.
  10. Interested in learning some compliance lessons through the movies? Tom and Jay begin a new podcast series Popcorn and Compliance where they consider compliance lessons while indulging in their love of the movies. Saturday we will premiere on the Queen bio Bohemian Rhapsody. This week they are running a five-part series on the intersection of Star Wars and Compliance. A New Hope and Risk; The Empire Strikes Back and Due Diligence; Return of the Jedi and Compliance Training; The Force Awakens and Disruptive Innovation; Rogue One and the Myth of the Rogue Employee. You can listen to the first ‘new’ episode of Popcorn and Compliance, Bohemian Rhapsody Saturday at 8 AM CST. All episodes are also available on iTunes, JDSupra, YouTube and Panoply.
  11. Tom and Jay pay tribute to George H. W. Bush.

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