As Tom prepares to head to NYC for a magical December weekend in the big city, he celebrates the Cowboys taking control of the NL East and Jay mourns yet another Patriot loss to the Dolphins in Miami, they consider the trade war on China, PdVSA and some of the week’s other top compliance and ethics stories.

  1. Is Bernie Madoff’s gift to compliance whistleblowers? Gregory Zuckerman and Dave Michaels report in the Wall Street Journal.
  2. Bad news on the international fight against bribery and corruption. The UN finds the global loss of $3.6t trillion through bribery and corruption. UN Press Release. The OECD finds bribe takers are rarely arrested. OECD Press Release.
  3. What is your investigation protocol? What will the NFL do? What is your investigation protocol? What will the NFL do? Alaa Abdelaiem reports in Sports Illustrated.
  4. David Boies bets big on representing PdVSA. Sara Randazzo and Andrew Scurria report in the Wall Street Journal.
  5. Charges in Panama Papers Probe Shine Light on ‘Enablers’. Sam Rubenfeld reports in the WSJ Risk and Compliance Journal.
  6. What is a conflict of interest? Rudy Giuliani working as the President’s lawyer and signing on as lobbyist for foreign governments? Kenneth Vogel explores in the New York Times.
  7. The SEC and PCAOB join in the Trump Administration’s trade war on China. Matt Kelly reports in Radical Compliance.
  8. Key Witness In Embraer Case Avoids Prison For Saudi Bribe. Pete Brush reports in Law360.
  9. Join Tom and Mike Volkov in a webinar, hosted by Convercent, on where FCPA enforcement has been in 2018 and where compliance may be going in 2019. For registration and information click here.
  10. Tom premiers a five-part podcast series on investigative due diligence this week on the Compliance Podcast Network. In it, he interviews Candice Tal, founder of Infortal, which is the sponsor of the series. Part 1– When basic due diligence is no longer enough. Part 2-what CCOs want and need to know. In Part 3– what is and what isn’t working in investigative due diligence. Part 4-Mergers and Acquisitions. Part 5-Innovation and Going Forward. All podcasts are also available on iTunes, JDSupra, YouTube and Panoply.

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