What is one of the most fulfilling audit assignments of a 30+ year audit professional? His audit at the San Diego Zoo. In this episode of the FCPA Compliance Report, I visit with internal auditor Jim Garcia, whose career has spanned work from the FCPA to fraud to gap analysis of internal controls. He talks about his career and his audit work at the San Diego Zoo.  In this podcast we discuss:

  1. Jim’s lengthy professional background in internal audit and fraud prevention.
  2. Why was he asked to audit the San Diego Zoo?
  3. How does auditing a non-profit, with multiple stakeholders and interest groups differ from auditing a commercial entity?
  4. What are the high-risk areas for a zoo?
  5. How did the San Diego Zoo remediate its gaps in internal controls.
  6. What were some of Jim’s FCPA audits?

See Jim Garcia’s professional profile here. Jim can be reached at jimgarcia57@aol.com.