In this special five-part podcast series, we consider the business leadership issues raised by General Stanley McChrystal (ret.) recent book Leaders-Myth and Reality, which he co-authored with Jeff Eggers and Jason Mangone. Using Plutarch’s Lives as their model they considered multiple leaders and leadership styles. These include: Founders, Walt Disney and Coco Chanel; Geniuses, Albert Einstein and Leonard Bernstein; Heroes, Zheng He and Harriet Tubman; Power Brokers, Boss Tweed and Margaret Thatcher. In this episode II, we take up the Geniuses, Albert Einstein and Leonard Bernstein.

Some of the highlights include:

  1. There is more to their genius than intelligence, just as there is more to their leadership than genius.
  2. Einstein’s correspondence and collaboration demonstrated that the lone genius (and solitary mad scientist) not realistic.
  3. Bernstein demonstrated that even the most outgoing person needed solitude to compose.
  4. They both made genius accessible.