In this special five-part podcast series, we consider the business leadership issues raised by General Stanley McChrystal (ret.) recent book Leaders-Myth and Reality, which he co-authored with Jeff Eggers and Jason Mangone. Using Plutarch’s Lives as their model they considered multiple leaders and leadership styles. These include: Founders, Walt Disney and Coco Chanel; Geniuses, Albert Einstein and Leonard Bernstein; Heroes, Zheng He and Harriet Tubman; Power Brokers, Boss Tweed and Margaret Thatcher. In this episode IV, we take up the Power Brokers-Boss Tweed and Thatcher.

Some of the highlights include:

  1. A power broker wields influence and symbols like a tangible good.
  2. Power is an arrangement among stakeholders.
  3. Tweed used the social identity of the Irish as the basis for his power.
  4. Margaret Thatcher resurrected the feeling of national pride for the British people.
  5. There must be a consolidation of and working with groups with which they shared power. Tweed had his lunch club and Thatcher had her breakfast club.
  6. The true leadership of power brokers is to manage the followers and institutions which enable them.