Are you using social media to get your message and your practice out there? Gyi Tsakalakis is the co-founder of AttorneySync, an internet marketing agency helping their clients grow their visibility and get in front of their audience. He’s here to share with us his insights around the use of the internet and social media — and why you’re already left behind if you don’t.

How do you communicate the values of utilizing social media to your clients?

It requires a lot of education because it still faces a lot of skepticism. It’s all about demonstrating that from search, to click, to phone call, to fee, clients will make a return on investment, and grow their social network and referral base. At the end of the day, it comes down to those key metrics.

Between 25-50% of the audiences Gyi speaks with still don’t have a basic website, and websites really are table stakes. There are so many different ways to communicate with people now and not having a website is astonishing.

Will a website or social media presence be able to help a general practitioner?

It’s a no brainer. One of the challenges is to get out of the mindset of pitting the internet against traditional client acquisition activities. Social networking is simply an extension of professional networking, except made much more efficient, with the opportunity for you to accelerate and amplify your message to a global audience.

Also, no matter how somebody hears about you, they’re more and more likely to look you up online. And what they find or don’t find is going to play a big role in their first impression of what you’re like as a lawyer. If they can’t get a sense of what your expertise is, or what it’s going to be like working with you, then they’re going to go on and find somebody who is online, so they can vet them without having to make a phone call.

What are search engine marketing campaigns, and how does that tie into search engine optimization?

Search engine marketing is paid media management like Google Ads or boosted content on Facebook or LinkedIn. Search engine optimization is organic: you don’t pay the search engine, you do things to make sure your pages come up in Google search results.

On providing free information online

Providing information and demonstrating your knowledge and expertise is unbelievably powerful. It’s human knowledge organized based on queries at your fingertips, and it’s some of the most effective and efficient marketing you can do. The overwhelming majority of searches on Google are research-based, and you want to be where others are looking for answers.

What kinds of law firms does AttorneySync work with?

They tend to work with small to midsize firms: consumer-facing brick and mortar, plaintiffs’ firms, criminal defense, and consumer-facing practices. The approach is a little different. It’s much more locally focused marketing at the community level.

On doing their own social media marketing

An overwhelming majority of business that AttorneySync wins is from inbound marketing, e.g. people who read their blog, see Gyi speak, or download information from that site. It’s 90% of their marketing strategy, as the education-based approach to marketing their own services is really effective. It also resonates with clients, because they can get on the phone and say, ‘hey, you know how you did a search, found us online, downloaded our guide, got on our newsletter, then called us? That’s what we want to do to get you in front of your clients.’

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