In this five-part podcast series, I visit with Amii Barnard-Bahn to consider five of the top corporate scandals from 2018. The five we discuss are CBS, 1MDB/Goldman Sachs, Facebook, Tesla and Nissan. We explore the failures at the Board of Directors and at senior management and these companies need to do to not only solve the legal imbroglios they now find themselves in but to also regain the trust of their various stakeholder. In this fifth and final episode we consider the Nissan, the arrest of its former CEO Carlos Ghosn and what it means for both of them and the French auto company Renault.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Why is this matter on our Top 5 list?
  • Where was the Nissan Board when Ghosn was using company funds for private purposes literally across the globe?
  • Has there ever been such a high-profile situation where a Board of Directors had its CEO criminally charged and arrested?
  • Is this a situation of Japan Inc. trying to clean up its scandal plagued image?
  • How CEO entitlement can negatively impact an organization?
  • The worldwide automotive industry continues is scandal plagued cultures.
  • What is the role of Board oversight on a CEO?

Amii Bernard-Bahn is an expert on organizational culture, ethics, and leadership and frequently speaks and writes about these passions. She is a tireless advocate for diversity in leadership, serving on the Bay Area 2020 Women on Boards Leadership Council and testified in multiple committees for the successful passage of California’s #SB826. She specializes in accelerating the success of C-Suite executives and partners with leaders, corporate boards and their teams to help scale their business. She also consults with large to mid-sized organizations hire me to help them achieve exceptional results and cultivate an environment that inspires employees to do their best work. She can be reached via email at