As the web gets more and more complicated, how can we keep up? Keith Laska, a board member at Hanzo, joins us today. Hanzo uses artificial intelligence and modern technology to improve compliance effectiveness. With the web being as dynamic as it is, our compliance solutions have to be, too.

The story of Hanzo

At Hanzo, they use data science to make their customers’ lives easier, covering both proactive and reactive compliance. But there’s one major difference: they collect, store, and offer insights and analytics on content in a native format instead of the usual plain PDFs.

That may sound trivial, but it’s a complicated process. The aim is to preserve the web forever, and static PDFs remove almost all of the dynamic nature of the web. They needed a platform that could capture everything — metadata, JavaScript, videos that could play back — so future generations could have context and provide quality insights and analytics from the content.

And that’s how Hanzo was born.

What does Hanzo bring into the arena of compliance effectiveness?

When you’re dealing with large scale future trends like hyper-personalization, one of the challenges that marketers in compliance face is wanting to promote their product or service while being careful that they’re taking the right steps. Effectiveness is the only way to measure these critical decisions that compliance officers have to make on a daily basis. The analytics and add-ons that are on Hanzo allow you not just to collect that information, but also to measure how effective you are with that information, both proactively and reactively.

What are these add-ons to the platform?

The web composition and power balance is largely asymmetrical, and what Hanzo is doing is bringing symmetry back to that equation. The web is a dynamic, contextual, and confusing information store that cannot be controlled — but it can be understood, investigated, analyzed, and defensively harvested.

There are four components to the platform:

  • Hanzo Investigator which utilizes data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning algorithms to scan the entire web
  • Hanzo Hold has the ability to apply retention policy to preserve custodial data on team collaboration tools like Slack, GSuite, and Office 365
  • Hanzo Capture is the web archive for regulatory compliance
  • Hanzo Dynamic Review provides a legally defensive export. It’s dynamic, which means you can analyze the collected content in its proper context.

What’s the difference between a reactive and proactive compliance program? How can this suite of tools help the compliance practitioner or the business owner be more proactive?

We have many tools that help us react to regulatory guidelines, like investigations or alerts. What we should be challenging ourselves with as innovative vendors in this space is: now that we have the ability to apply AI, data science, and machine learning, how can we redirect our efforts as aggressively as possible toward proactive compliance?

A lot of information to find smoking guns in terms of fraud, for example, are actually out on the web. The ability to analyze, pull back relevant data, and act on information that’s out there on collaborative and social media platforms is the next level kind of symmetry that brings the power back to the customers.

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