We are back with our fan favorite Oscar movie month. During the month of February each year, we look at Oscar-winning Best Pictures and consider the leadership lessons we glean from our viewing. This month we look at three: No Country for Old Men, The Sting and The Last Emperor. In this episode of 12 O’Clock High, a podcast on business leadership, Richard Lummis and I take at the 1973 Best Picture winning film, The Sting. Some of the highlights were:

  • Best Costume Design Oscar to Edith Head was key reason for the film’s success;
  • How many red flags did Doyle Lonnegan miss involving Gondorff and Hooker?
  • How did Marvin Hamlisch’s interpretation of Scott Joplin enhance the movie?
  • The script was discovered in an agent’s ‘slush pile’ of unread scripts; and
  • How can a leader use the talent and resources available to him or her to achieve a goal?