In this episode I visit with three lawyers from Miller & Chevalier: Maryna Kavaleuskaya, Michael Skopets, and Ann Sultan on the firm’s Inaugural Europe-Caucasus-Asia Corruption Survey. The report provides some unique insights into regional corruption risks and mitigation strategies.  Highlights from the podcast include:
1.    Background on the survey.
2.    In measuring corruption levels in the ECA region, were the countries to be similar or were there particular outliers?
3.    What findings were the most surprising by or were the most interesting?
4.    The analysis about the levels of corruption in ten specific government services or functions, such as their legislatures, certain elements of the judicial system, customs, and local authorities. What were the common findings in these areas.
5.    What specific findings, on compliance risk mitigation strategies are important for companies working in the region and their compliance professionals?
6.    Were there any country-specific findings that are particularly important?
7.    What are the key takeaways from the survey?
To see a copy of the Miller & Chevalier inaugural Europe-Caucasus-Asia Corruption Survey, click here.