In this episode I visit Joel Androphy, a co-founder of the law firm of Berg and Androphy in Houston. Androphy is a well-known white-collar defense lawyer and plaintiff’s counsel in False Claims Act and qui tam cases. Highlights from the podcast include:

  1. FCA cases are designed to help prevent fraud, waste and abuse in government contracting.
  2. FCA cases can include illegal work conditions in addition to monetary matters.
  3. What are the procedural steps needed to bring a FCA action?
  4. Why the right counsel is so important for a successful FCA action.
  5. What happens in a FCA or qui tam  trial?
  6. What happens if the government takes over a FCA case?
  7. What are the potential recoveries?

The firm of Berg & Androphy are leaders in trying complex commercial, financial, structured product, white collar defense, FCA and qui tam cases. Its attorneys prepare each case as if it is going to trial. That willingness to try lawsuits adds value to its clients’ cases and has contributed to the resounding successes that the firm has experienced over the course of its long history, both in settlements and verdicts. For more information on Berg and Androphy check out their website by clicking here.