What is it like to be a millennial compliance officer? And what is it like to work with one? On the show today, Mary Shirley visits with Samantha Sinclair. She’s the Compliance Communications & Operations Manager at Fresenius Medical Care Asia-Pacific, and has been shortlisted for the Women in Compliance Awards for Junior Compliance Officer of the Year. Today, she’s shares her insights about millennials, as a millennial.

What are your tips for women starting out in the profession?
It’s extremely important to be proactive, so always ask questions if you’re not sure, and do as much research as you can into the industry you’re working in and the company you’re working for.
Millennials often face the challenges of stereotypes in the office. What are your observations, as someone who’s a part of that group?
Many of the stereotypes stem from how you manage your millennial staff, and the thing about stereotypes is that they only prove true when people believe them to be true. For example, in Samantha’s current office, a large proportion of the team are millennials, and they don’t suffer the stigma of being in that category as much as people in other companies. Also, negatives aside, millennials are also known for being tech-savvy and good multi-taskers!
What are your tips for working with millennials?
In order to let millennials thrive in a company, show them that you value them. Millennials appreciate recognition, being able to use their skill set, and having the freedom to work on projects to the best of their abilities instead of being micromanaged. Be approachable as a manager and allow them to be involved in the decision making processes.
How can mentors counsel and advise millennial women in compliance to really add value to their career advancement?
First, give directions and clear expectations as to what is expected of millennials without hindering the creativity and positive attributes that make them the way they are. Second, speak to them on an equal level, with mutual respect and value. Finally, highlight their strengths and guide them on how to apply these strengths in everyday work.
What does the modern-day junior employee look for in a mentor?
A mentor provides positive feedback and guides you down the right path. They look out for you, they see opportunities that you wouldn’t be able to see yourself, and provide real life examples and experiences to teach you how you can add value to the company you’re working for. They should also feel invested in the success of the mentee, possess compassion, and are willing to grow themselves in the profession as well.
What’s something you wish you’d known two years ago?
Samantha wishes she’d known more about the way compliance affects a company, and wishes she’d spoken out a little bit more and asked for opportunities related to other areas of compliance that she only started to understand later.
Samantha Sinclair