What are you doing to keep your documents secure and your data protected? Today we have Tomas Suros, Chief Solutions Architect, Practice Automation, at AbacusNext. They’ve developed an innovative, all-in-one system for the legal and compliance field that makes work more efficient and more secure. Today we’re learning more about the system and what it can do.

Tomas’s background: when law meets tech

Tomas attended law school at the time the internet boom was in full swing, with his classes applying their concepts to the internet, back when it still had no jurisdictional boundaries. Right after graduation, he worked for Pandora, a streaming radio entity and his first experience with the technology of law, and eventually, his interests turned to leveraging technology for compliance and developing software tools for lawyers.

AbacusNext: What is it, and how does it work?

AbacusNext uses software tools to protect data and give companies efficient access to them through a private cloud environment. Having a private cloud environment allows them to build the controls into the architecture of the software itself — everything from encryption to how the data is held and who can access it — so that your compliance needs are met.

  • Each document is encrypted and, using the tools, you can manage who has access to which documents, and what they can do with them.
  • Each version of each document is saved in real time so there’s an audit trail of the different touch points to the documents.
  • Sharing and collaborating can also be done within the ecosystem, so people no longer need to send emails back and forth to each other with the document attached, which is risky and potentially not secure.

A comprehensive solution

The goal of AbacusNext is to create an integrated, comprehensive solution. Over the past five years, they’ve acquired different software tools, so things like managing leads and clients, capturing information, and performing checks can be done securely and quickly. Reminders, deadlines, and task notifications are all automated, and the whole life cycle of the services you provide for clients flows through one protected and secure system.

The advantage in Customer Relationship Management

With AbacusNext, you’re able to start your client relationship on a secure footing, with the assurance that you proactively have the systems in place to protect their information. The system also makes it much more automated and efficient for clients to reach out to you and share what their current needs are, allowing the firm to respond quickly and appropriately with helpful information. And once they’re a client, there’s no need to redundantly re-enter information they’d already given since everything is already within the ecosystem, making it a smooth experience for everyone all around.


Tomas Suros (LinkedIn)

Email: tsuros@abacusnext.com

AbacusNext (Website)

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