The Super Bowl is Sunday. Will the ads be better than the game? Tom and Jay are back and as the pay tribute to the Godfather of compliance bloggers and commentators, Dick Cassin, who turned over Editorship of the FCPA Blog to his son, Harry Cassin. They also look at some of this week’s top compliance and ethics stories which caught their collective eyes.

  1. Why lying to your bank is always a bad idea. Sam Rubenfeld and Menqui Sun report in the WSJ Risk and Compliance Journal. The US government hammers Huawei with a criminal complaint. David E. Sanger, Katie Benner and Matthew Goldstein report in the NYT. Will Huawei even be around? Holman Jenkins speculates in the WSJ.
  2. The SEC has a busy week. Matt Kelly writes about 4 cases where the companies had internal controls failures which caused material adverse events. The companies reported the events but did not remediate. In Radical Compliance. Doug Cornelius write about the Texas Cash Cow in Compliance Building.
  3. Got dinged by your employer for a FCPA fubar? No defamation claim for you. Adam Dobrik reports in GIR.
  4. How should a board think about its oversight role of corporate culture? Tom has a two-part blog series on the FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog based upon an interview with SSGA’s Rakhi Kumar. In Part 1 she identifies the problem. In Part 2 she details SSGA’s Framework for a Board to use.
  5. How should you brief a Board on Tech? Jim Deloach in Corporate Complianance Insights.
  6. Where are behavioral insights in compliance? Ruta Mrazauskaite asks in the Global AntiCorruption Blog.
  7. Did conflicts of interest help fuel the opioid crisis. Sara Toy reports on gifts to doctors in MarketWatch. Jeff Kaplan says it problematic at best, in his Conflict of Interest Blog.
  8. Should year-end corruption perception rating be read with a grain of salt? Matthew Stephenson opines in his Global Anti-Corruption Blog.
  9. Odebrecht debarred by World Bank. Dick Cassin report in the FCPA Blog.
  10. Fighting corruption is a money maker in Saudi Arabia. Tom DiChristopher reports in
  11. Tom is back with another week of compliance lessons from The Bard as he uses Shakespeare’s Problem Play to illustrate compliance issues. Check out the following: Part 1-All’s Well that Ends Well and Compliance Resiliance; Part 2-Troilus and Cressida and Compliance as Tragedy; Part 3– Measure for Measure and Creating a Game Plan; Part 4-The Winer’s Tale and Terminating a 3rdParty; Part 5-Timon of Athens and Risk Ranking Logistics Companies. The podcast is available on multiple sites: the FCPA Compliance Report, iTunes,JDSupra, Panoplyand YouTube. Soon to be on Spotify and Corporate Compliance Insights.
  12. The Godfather of FCPA blogging retired this week as Dick Cassin stepped down from day-to-day running of the FCPA Blog, turning over the Editorship to Harry Cassin. The entire compliance community owes Dick a huge debt of gratitude. Tom and Jay reflect on how Dick and the FCPA Blog impacted their compliance trajectories. See Tom’s tribute to Dick Cassin in today’s FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog.

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