Tom was in London this week, thinking about Gary P. Nunn, the Lost Gonzo Band and London Homesick Blues (special bonus points if you have heard Nunn or his group live). He takes a look  at some of this week’s top compliance and ethics stories which caught his eye, across the pond.

  1. Swedish court lets Telia execs walk free. Rick Messnick in the Global Anti-Corruption Blog.
  2. How bad are things at Tesla? New GC backs out after 2 months. Ryan Lovelace reports in com.
  3. In a stunning FCPA enforcement action, Cognizant Technologies obtains a declination. Matt Kelly is so stunned he has two blog posts on it, Lessons Learned and More Lessons. Tom and Mike Volkov are so stunned they have there first bonus podcast, on the the FCPA Compliance Report. Mike Volvok takes a deep dive in a four part blog post series on Corruption, Crime and Compliance: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3and Part 4.
  4. Former CEO and GC of Cognizant Technologies charged criminally under the FCPA. Sam Rubenfeld and Dave Michaels report in the WSJ Risk and Compliance Journal.
  5. What will be the impact of a Global Magnitsky Act. Kelly Swanson reports inGIR.
  6. Alison Taylor continues her run of great pieces, this one on the relationship of companies to suppliers to compliance. In the orgblog.
  7. GiGo is still relevant in AI. Heidi Maher explains in Corporate Compliance Insights.
  8. What are the basics of a Congressional investigation? Dan Portnov is back on com.
  9. How do you protect the attorney-client privilege and the 5thamendment will cooperating with the government? John F. Savarese and Carol Miller explore in NYU’s Compliance and Enforcement Blog.
  10. Danske Bank unceremoniously kicked out of Estonia, in com.
  11. Tom has a 5-part podcast series on ECI’s 2018 Global Business Ethics Survey. Check out the following: Part 1-The State of Ethics & Compliance in the Workplace; Part 2-Measuring the Impact of Ethics & Compliance Programs; Part 3– Building Companies Where Values and Ethical Conduct Matter; Part 4-Interpersonal Misconduct in the Workplace: What It Is, Where It Occurs and What You Should Do About It; Part 5-Final Reflections. The podcast is available on multiple sites: the FCPA Compliance Report, iTunes, JDSupra, Panoplyand YouTube. The Compliance Podcast Network is now also on Spotify. It is soon to be on Corporate Compliance Insights.
  12. Tom and Louis Sapirman are joined by Sean Freidlin for a Hanzo sponsored webinar on February 28 on the intersection of a corporate compliance program and corporate communications and marketing. Learn about knocking down silos and using social media in your compliance program. Registration and agenda are available here.

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