As the Compliance Podcast Networkexpands, grows and diversifies, I wanted to move it to a separate operation from my blog posts for those listeners, subscribers and fans who want to consume information through the podcast format. Today, I am extraordinarily pleased to announce the go-live of my latest website, dedicated to the podcast format, the Now you can do so.

All of the podcasts in the Compliance Podcast Networkare laid out in a visually pleasing but, more importantly, easy to access format. Click on any podcast on the title page and you will go through to the Megaphone platform, where you can listen to a podcast. This home page also features special series that I run, including Adventures in Compliance, which is the podcast series where I explore the intersection of Sherlock Holmes and compliance. I use the Holmes oeuvre to discuss key points of any best practices compliance program, so sit back, listen in as the game is afoot; The Opinion Release Papers, a podcast series where I focus on Opinion Releases by the Department of Justice (DOJ) under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). I go through each Opinion Release, discuss the background facts, representations and key takeaways for the compliance practitioner.

This month, I premiered two new podcasts, Modern Mediumand Phorensically Speaking,which now join Great Women in Compliance as non-Tom Fox podcasts on the Compliance Podcast Network. InPhorensically Speaking,presented by Jonathan Marks, where you will hear and learn about the difference in perspective from one of the country’s top legally trained forensic accountants/compliance practitioners.

In addition to these two great new podcasts premiering today, I have added other outstanding podcasts to the Compliance Podcast Network. They are Dupe of the Week, a weekly podcast that discusses deception in a variety of areas such as business, politics, education, nonprofits and love. Join forensic accounting experts Kelly Richmond Pope and Bill Kresse for a look into the latest scams. Some of the most recent podcasts include the college-admissions scandal, the Fyre Festival, Christmas purchasing scams and many others.

The second podcast addition is Mike Volkov’s weekly signature podcast from his website Corruption, Crime & Compliance. In addition to his uber-cool use of the Henry Mancini’s The Pink Panther theme music, he breaks down the FCPA, compliance, data privacy, anti-trust and a wide variety of other issues.

I have also added Spin Sucks, the weekly podcast of Gini Dietrich which is your one-stop shop for modern communications. As the lines between Public Relations (PR), marketing, advertising, social media and content continue to blur, it becomes difficult to decide what belongs where. Rather than decide, let’s come together and work as one to grow organizations. Not only is Gini working to change the PR industry, but her messages will resonate with every compliance professional on communications.

Another new addition is Authority Building Content, the podcast from One Stone Creative. In this podcast, they teach you to make smart choices about the content you and your team create, to build authority for your brand, generate leads for your business and connect with your audience. Once again, for the compliance practitioner, these key insights on communication will allow you to be more cutting edge with your own compliance communication to multiple stakeholders.

A special thanks to the creative team at One Stone Creative, who not only helped produce multiple podcasts on the Compliance Podcast Networkbut also led the design of the new website. If you are looking for podcast production or website assistance, they are first rate and deliver superior service at a very reasonable price.

The Compliance Podcast Networkis available on multiple sites. These include the online streaming service Spotifyand the revamped Corporate Compliance Insights (CCI). You can also reach the podcasts through the FCPA Compliance Report, Megaphone, JDSupra, YouTube and iTunes. With the new website dedicated to the Compliance Podcast Network, in addition to the number of platforms for distribution, it continues to have the widest reach of any podcast in compliance.

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