In this episode I finally have Jon Rusch on the podcast. Jon is the author of one of the most recent podcasts in law around law and compliance. His topics include the FCPA, AML, export control, anti-trust and a wide variety of other legal issues that the compliance practitioner faces.

Some of the highlights from the podcast include:

  • Why name your blog ‘Dipping Through Geometries’?
  • What is your interest in this area-money laundering?
  • Why are the money service businesses in London both so problematic and difficult for authorities to effectively regulate?
  • One of the key themes seems to be money-laundering can occur in a wide variety of businesses and industries.
  • Why is the international fight against bribery, corruption and money-laundering a key component in the international fight against terrorism?
  • What is they link between money-laundering and terrorism?
  • What is the role of the compliance professional in this fight?

For more information on the blog posts referenced in this podcast , check out “The first is “United Kingdom Criminal Network That Obtained More Than £8 Billion from Frauds Sent £80 Million to al-Qaeda” and “Metropolitan Police Commissioner: London Money Service Businesses Used to Export Drug Money”.

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