In this podcast series, recovering screenwriter (and Mr. Monitor) Jay Rosen and Tom (the Compliance Evangelist) indulge in passion for the movies by looking at them through the lens of compliance. Jay is a contemporary movie fan and I am more of a classic movie maven so we present a well-rounded view of the movie fandom. If you want to indulge in your love for the movies with two guys who are passionate about Hollywood and get some ideas for your compliance program, this is the podcast series for you. For this  offering, today we look at the Marvel-universe hero, Endgame. As a special bonus, we are joined in this special episode by Marvel Cinematic Universe uber-fan, Sean Friedlin a/k/a The Compliance Guy. Spoiler Alertwe name who lives and who doesn’t.

Some of the highlights include:

  • The film shattered 20 sales records in its opening weekend. What does all this mean for the film industry?
  • The film could have a net profit of over $1bn (not just gross sales) or over ½ the profit of the Disney Company in 2018.
  • What were the three waves of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
  • How were Eggs used to great effect?
  • There was great story telling, great pathos and great acting.
  • Who was honored in different scenes in the movie?
  • Jay focuses on The Hulk, Sean on Iron Man and Tom on Thor for extra insights into the character of each in the film.
  • Jay gives the movie not only a full bucket of popcorn but as second bucket as well. Tom joins with a second bucket of popcorn as well. Sean gives it one bucket.

Some of the Compliance takeaways:

  1. Understand where you come from, know your business inside and out.
  2. How to overcome adversity.
  3. Things are never as low as they seem, nor as high as they appear.
  4. What is worklife balance and what can it add to your performance?