Welcome to Trekking Through Compliance, the latest offering from the Compliance Podcast Network. In this podcast series I will explore compliance through the lens of Star Trek-The Original Series in a 79-episode offering. Each podcast will review the episode creative team, story synopsis and three key lessons learned on compliance, leadership and governance. If you love Star Trek as I do, this is the podcast series for you.


I will use two key resources for each offering: (1) Eric’s Excruciatingly Detailed Star Trek (TOS) Plot Summaries, which has plot summaries for every episode, and (2) MissionLogPodcast.com, a Rod Roddenberry podcast where Ken Ray and John Champion are doing a 10+ year exploration of every episode of every Star Trek television show and movie.

Please note that I will use the order of release in this podcast series so the first episode will be the premier TV show on September 10, 1966 The Man Trap. This means that both pilots will appear later in the series. Also, the TV premiers are not on the same schedule as the production schedule.

So, listen over the next 79 episodes, revisit one of television’s great achievements and learn how you can use Star Trek to improve your corporate compliance program, as well as yourself as a compliance professional. We are going to have some fun.