With Tom and Jay together for a week in the City of Champions (Boston) and Tom finally getting to Fenway Park to sing Sweet Caroline, he and Jay to take a break to join discuss both events some of this week’s top compliance and ethics stories which caught their collective eyes.

  1. Who owns a bribe and why does it matter? Rick Messick considers in Global Anti-Corruption Blog.
  2. What are the 6 hats of an AML compliance professional? John Arvanitis opines in CCI.
  3. Two prosecutors leave DOJ. Kelly Swanson reports in GIR.
  4. What are some of the impacts of working with monitors? Jay continues his series in CCI.
  5. FBI skewered in another FCPA sting trial. Clara Hudson reports in GIR. Aaron Leibowitz reports in Law360.
  6. Trump Tower in Moscow? What is the story? Dan Alexander and Richard Behar with a massive report in Forbes.
  7. Italy enacts a law to provide credit for remediation during corruption investigations. Simone Latoni in Compliance and Enforcement.
  8. And you think you are having a bad day? Matt Kelly looks at an assination attempt on a CAE in South Africa in Radical Compliance.
  9. What is ghost money? Matthew Stephenson explains in the Global Anti-Corruption Blog.
  10. Tom has a special 3-part podcast series this week, looking at leadership lessons from Harry Truman, Douglas MacArthur and Truman’s firing of MacArthur on 12 O’Clock High, a podcast on business leadership. Check out the following: Part 1-Leadership lessons from Harry Truman; Part 2-Leadership lessons from Douglas MacArthur; Part 3– Leadership lessons from Truman’s firing of MacArthur. The podcast is available on multiple sites: the FCPA Compliance Report, iTunes, JDSupra, Megaphone,YouTube,  Spotifyand Corporate Compliance Insights,  Compliance Podcast Networkand now on the C-Suite Radio Network.
  11. The Everything Compliance gang begins a two-part podcast series looking at the Trump Administration’s first 6 months of 2019, from the compliance perspective. In Part 1, Matt Kelly, Sarah Hadden and Mike Volkov weigh in. In Part 2 (to be released June 27) Jay Rosen, Jonathan Armstrong and Tom Fox opine.

Tom Fox is the Compliance Evangelist and can be reached at tfox@tfoxlaw.com. Jay Rosen is Mr. Monitor and can be reached at jrosen@affiliatedmonitors.com.

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