In this episode of Phorensically Speaking, Jonathan Marks looks at corporate governance approaches to consider when evolving your leadership and creating or enhancing your Board. The health of our capital markets depends, as it always has, on individuals practicing in an ethical way…on us being able to trust the words and deeds of others… and especially, on the integrity of corporate financial information.  Business Practices & Ethics drives the other components of the Governance Framework. It requires a continuous effort, reinforcement, and on-going training. Without it, you could and probably will fail because everyone believes they’re ethical, no matter what they’re doing. Corporate governance encompasses systems and processes that support sound decision making and prevent or dissuade potentially self-interested persons from engaging in activities detrimental to the welfare of stakeholders. Learn about the key elements and here commentary about why corporate governance helps in deterring fraud in this Part 1 of a two part podcast series.