As Donald Trump announces he is the “Chosen One” and the Business Roundtable stuns the corporate community with a new Statement on the Purpose of Corporations, Tom and Jay are back to discuss some of this week’s top compliance and ethics stories which caught their collective eyes.

  1. The Business Roundtable issues a new Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation. Overall commentary is mostly pro with some con. David Gelles and David Yaffeny-Bellany report in the NYT. Andrew Ross Sorkin says corporations are looking back to the future. (NYT)FT Editorial Board applauds and says America leads the way, yet again. (FT) Tom explains why it’s a new dawn for compliance professionals in a blog post.
  2. Mike Volkov takes a deep dive into the CCPA. Part 1-what does the law say? Part 2-key actions to ensure compliance. In a related blog post, he considers the role of the Chief Privacy Officer. All on his excellent resource, Corruption Crime and Compliance.
  3. Is Amazon liable for Capital One hack? John Reed Stark explores in a guest post on the D&O Diary.
  4. Is summer the right time to close FCPA cases? Harry Cassin analyzes in the FCPA Blog.
  5. You know it’s bad with BVI lawyer calls out the ABA for opposing UBO regulation. Martin Kenney in the FCPA Blog.
  6. Proactive assessments in health care ethics and compliance programs. Jay explores in another post on CCI.
  7. Trial judge rejects Alstom defendant 5thand 6thAmendment claims to toss case. Dylan Tokar in the WSJ Risk and Compliance Journal.
  8. UK goes after funds obtained through bribery and corruption. Jonathan Rausch in his Dipping Through Geometries blog.
  9. Monitor appointed in MTS FCPA enforcement action. Adam Dobrik reports in GIR.
  10. Sherlock Holmes is back in another week of Adventures in Compliance podcasts on the Compliance Podcast Network. Check out the following: Monday-The Three Garridebs and Monitoring Controls; Tuesday-The Problem at Thor Bridge and Monitoring Controls; Wednesday-theCreeping Man and Risk Management by Your Board; Thursday-The Lion’s Mane and Risk-Based Monitoring; and Friday-the Veiled Lodger and Empathy in Compliance. The podcast is available on multiple sites: the FCPA Compliance Report, iTunes, JDSupra, Megaphone,YouTube, Spotifyand Corporate Compliance Insights,  Compliance Podcast Networkand now on the C-Suite Radio Network.
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