In this episode I visit with Shon Ramey, General Counsel at Navex Global. We discuss Navex’s recent acquisition of Lockpath. In addition to his discussion on how Lockpath fits into the strategic plan of Navex Global, Ramey discusses his approach to mergers and acquisitions. Highlights from the podcast include:

  1. Why did Navex Global see this acquisition of Lockpath as an opportunity?
  2. How does this acquisition provide Navex Global with a more holistic approach to GRC solutions?
  3. Cyber security and data breaches have become an important part of M&A pre-acquisition Due Diligence. Can you outline your approach to these issues?
  4. Why is it important to have a defined acquisition procedure, which details an acquisition from pre-contact of a target through full integration in place?
  5. As the top lawyer for an ethics and compliance software and risk management, you must be hyper-aware of the myriad threats facing companies these days. What, in your experience, are some of the threats most overlooked by businesses?

For additional information, see Navex Global Press Release announcing the sale.

See article by Phillip Bantz in Corporate Counsel entitled “NAVEX Global General Counsel Discusses M&A Due Diligence”.