There have been some great and interesting blog posts about the coronavirus in our community over the past several weeks. Mike Volkov appealed for real leadership in this time of crisis, Matt Kelly has been pondering what we need to be thinking about now, down the road and in the future about COVID-19 and Harry Cassin has kept the FCPA Blog as the compliance community’s bulletin board for all things coronavirus—compliance related.

As the Voice of Compliance and founder of the only podcast network dedicated to compliance, I decided that one of the things I could do was to start a podcast dedicated to compliance, the compliance practitioner and compliance profession in the time of coronavirus. So today, I want to introduce Compliance and Coronavirus-Clarity and Sanity for the Compliance Professional as the latest offering on the Compliance Podcast Network. I will be posting each new podcast three times per week at 9 AM CST on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week for the foreseeable future. This new series is sponsored by SAI Global.

In this first week I am dropping the following episodes:

Sean Freidlin on Successfully Working from Home

For my inaugural episode I speak with Sean Freidlin, Director of Product Marketing at SAI Global. Sean is a long-time work from home employee and he recently posted an article on how to successfully work from home. He shares some of the strategies he has learned over the years.

Joanne Taylor on Financial Crimes Compliance During Coronavirus

In this episode, I speak with Joanne Taylor, Managing Director at K2 Intelligence Financial Information Network. Joanne has worked as a Solicitor, in the financial and financial services industries. She now assists companies with financial crimes compliance and investigations. We visit on how and why companies must keep their financial services compliance robust during this time of the coronavirus health crisis.

Matt Kelly on the Downslope Risk of the Coronavirus Curve

In this episode, I am joined by Matt Kelly, the coolest guy in compliance, who is maintaining his coolness during the coronavirus crisis. Matt is also the founder of Radical Compliance. He talks about the downslope of the coronavirus curve.

Over the next several weeks, I will be considering Supply Chain, FCPA enforcement, legal issues such as force majeure, the SEC’s role and a wider variety of issues related to coronavirus and COVID-19. If you have a topic you would like explored please let me know. If you have written anything on the topic, come on the podcast and talk about it. Check out these first three episodes and please help me to get the word out about this most significant addition to the Compliance Podcast Network.

A special THANK YOU to SAI Global for sponsoring this series.