Determining effectiveness is a key part of continuous improvement. Yet how to do so still bedevils many compliance professionals. You need to consider both outcomes and outputs. Outcomes will show you the results of specific actions, such as investigations and conclusions to them. Numbers are attractive because they can form a “straight line” about how your compliance program is functioning. But you must remember that the numbers only give you one view of a compliance program. You also need to consider the qualitative side of the equation.

There is the need for both a quantitative and qualitative approach to measuring compliance program effectiveness. Numbers are important but they only tell part of the equation. Vin DiCianni has said, “Both are very important, but I think without having consideration of both sides of the equation, you will not obtain a full understanding of how effective compliance program is in its operation.”

Three key takeaways:

  1. You should test your compliance program effectiveness through both a qualitative and quantitative approach.
  2. Bring in an outside party to interview your employees.
  3. The Resource Guide is an excellent resource to consider compliance program effectiveness.