Compliance does not exist in a time-warp vacuum, with compliance programs living in 1977 when the first major anti-corruption legislation, the FCPA, was passed. The law has advanced since that time, as has compliance and society as well. One of the ways that you can engage in continuous improvement for your compliance program is based upon the two-way use of social media. Social media can be used not only to communicate with your employee base but also for your employee base to communicate with you, most particularly if you are prepared to listen.

Twitter can be powerful tool for the compliance practitioner, as it allows you to both listen and communicate. It is one of the only tools that can work both inbound for you to obtain information and insight and in an outbound manner as well; where you are able to communicate with your compliance customer base, your employees. You should work to incorporate one or more of the techniques listed herein to help you burn compliance into the DNA fabric of your organization through continuous improvement.

Three key takeaways:

  1. Social media is a two-way approach to communications.
  2. Twitter or a similar tool can facilitate your compliance program improvement.
  3. Study and embrace technology to move your compliance program forward.