The Compliance Life details the journey to and in the role of a Chief Compliance Officer. How does one come to sit in the CCO chair? What are some of the skills a CCO needs to success navigate the compliance waters in any company? What are some of the top challenges CCOs have faced and how did they meet them? These questions and many others will be explored in this new podcast series. The Compliance Life is hosted by Tom Fox and each month will present the story of one CCO through four episodes. The Compliance Life is a production of the Compliance Podcast Network. This podcast will post each Tuesday at 10 AM CST.

Episode 1-Pizza and Compliance

Episode 2-Changing Culture Through Creative Communication

Russ Berland is back on this episode of The Compliance Life to share how he uses creative communication to change compliance culture. Tom Fox credits Russ with being one of the first persons to come up with a compliance movie. Russ relates that the lack of an integrated culture was one of the biggest issues at BearingPoint in 2007. His goal was to build company culture, and expectations around the same. Research suggested that they should start with their training, so Russ and his team came up with the idea of a series of videos – a “mockumentary” – similar to The Office. The team gathered stories from employees, which became inspiration for the script.

Episode 3-The CCO’s Role In Crisis Management

Russ Berland, CCO at Aventiv Technologies, chats with Tom Fox about how his team is managing the current COVID-19 crisis, and his role as CCO in particular. Tom comments that crisis management should always be at the forefront for every CCO. Russ says that as CCO, he has two additional roles during this crisis. The first is to see the risks that might come up because of the crisis. The second is to make sure that other risks unrelated to the crisis, are also being addressed. “Crisis management is just risk management,” Russ says. “You just do it in a different time frame.”

Episode 4-The CCO and Privacy

Tom Fox chats with Russ Berland about how his certification in privacy has facilitated him in his role as CCO. A number of Russ’ clients needed to address privacy issues; however, the available resources were mostly European. He gained the Certified Information Privacy Professional certification so that he could meet the market need. Russ says that he looks at privacy as another form of risk management. We need to create a framework to comply with privacy laws, as well as investigate any potential violation. Russ comments that privacy laws in the US are not as comprehensive as the EU’s GDPR. Privacy is generally seen as consumer protection in the US, while it is considered a human right in the EU.