Welcome to the Great Women in Compliance Podcast, co-hosted by Lisa Fine and Mary Shirley.

In this episode of Great Women in Compliance, Mary speaks with Monica Lopez Reinmiller.  She is Managing Corporate Counsel-Compliance at T-Mobile.

Monica Lopez Reinmiller has a busy and wide-ranging portfolio at T-Mobile.  This hasn’t stopped her from taking a Compliance 2.0 approach to her work.  Monica shares some key considerations for building out a Conflicts of Interest program as well as her thoughts on enhancing a supplier compliance program.   We address the relative lack of discussion on supply chain risks and put a call out to listeners for guest speakers who have advanced supplier compliance programs and can join a future panel on best practices and lessons learned in this area.  Mary has a special interest in the controls McDonalds has put in place so if you know someone – hook a girl up!

In the telecommunications sector there are some risks unique to the industry.  Monica sheds light on some of the current considerations for companies in her space and how Huawei and ZTE considerations impact her work.

Monica shares her household’s experience during the COVID-19 enforced hibernation and tips for parents educating and caring for kids at home while working.  Mary and Monica also reflect on lessons learned from reverse mentoring and things they wish they had known earlier in their careers.

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