John Myers is the founder and CEO of Chorus Consulting. He has been an e-discovery and digital forensic professional for almost 30 years, assisting clients with data identification,   preservation and analysis. He chats with Tom Fox about his company’s innovative approach to data forensics and information governance.

Innovation Begins Here

Tom is intrigued with Chorus Consulting’s tagline, “Innovation Begins Here.” He asks John to explain the significance of the tagline. John responds that it “represents our approach to our client projects and the way we approach our investigations… We’re really continuously working to find better ways to exceed our clients’ expectations, thus we’re innovating.”

Data Security and Information Governance

Most companies don’t truly know to what depth or breadth their data is secure, John posits. Chorus Consulting helps its clients understand the “what, why, and who” of their data, as well as their internal security measures. John says they help clients discover and correct potential security issues because it’s critical to know whether these internal measures are actually protecting them as well as their data. Tom comments that this data security risk assessment can prove to regulators that a company has assessed their data and has put a risk management strategy in place based upon that assessment.

John views information governance as an evolving discipline. “Information governance really provides the framework for clients to make good decisions about what information they’re keeping, how long they’re keeping it, and who and what should have access to it,” he says. He explains how his company helps his clients in this area. He also shares five practical steps to mitigate information risk.

Proactive Approach to Data Forensics

Tom asks, “You advocate utilizing forensic services in a proactive as opposed to a simply reactive basis. Can you talk us through how we would help a client do that?” John responds that they deploy real-time monitoring methodologies and technologies to ensure that corporate intellectual property or knowledge doesn’t leak out of the organization when an employee leaves. At the same time, they help their clients ensure that new employees do not bring data that they shouldn’t have into the organization.


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