In this special podcast series, I visit with lawyers from Azevedo Sette in Sao Paulo. The lawyers and topics include: Isabel Franco on a CarWash changed a culture, Lucas Bianchinni on environmental regulation in Brazil, Glaucia Ferreira on the Clean Companies Act, Luiz Salles on recent Brazilian corruption enforcement actions and Ingrid Santos on the hottest topic in Brazil: Me Too and sexual/moral harassment. In today’s episode, I visit with Ingrid Santos and Giuliana Boniha on #MeToo and Sexual/Moral harassment in Brazil today.

  1. How does the #MeToo movement in Brazil differ from the US?
  2. What are some of the key Brazilian laws in this area?
  3. What practical approaches do you suggest companies take?
  4. Given the cultural differences in the US and Brazil, what advice do you give foreign companies new to Brazil on sexual and moral harassment?
  5. Where can listeners go for more information?

This podcast is sponsored by the law firm of Azevdo Sette. To learn more about this firm, visit its website, for resources, expert guidance and support. For general and easy-access information on harassment in Portuguese, we recommend reading the manual created by the Brazilian Labor Court of Appeals’ available on their website. Other than that, we can be reached through the firm’s website at, which is also available in an English version.