In this special podcast series, I visit with lawyers from Azevedo Sette in Sao Paulo. The lawyers and topics include: Isabel Franco on a CarWash changed a culture, Lucas Bianchinni on environmental regulation in Brazil, Glaucia Ferreira on the Clean Companies Act, Luiz Salles on recent Brazilian corruption enforcement actions and Ingrid Santos on the hottest topic in Brazil: Me Too and sexual/moral harassment. In today’s episode, I visit with Luiz Salles and we discuss two key factors in compliance investigations in Brazil and the impacts of these factors on antitrust compliance.

  1. Why must a company take “Brazilian Factors” into account for an investigation?
  2. Why is an interdisciplinary approach needed for investigations in Brazil?
  3. As the world’s 5th largest country does an internal investigation need to take local culture into account? Why?
  4. What is the nexus between anti-corruption investigations and anti-trust violations in Brazil?
  5. Where can listeners go for more information?

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