We have been getting accountability all wrong in the compliance profession. It’s not a set of tasks – it’s a way of thinking and it has to come from the heart as well as the head. On Accountability: The Heart of Compliance Tom Fox and Sam Silverstein dig into what accountability means to the corporate compliance function and business organizations and most significantly, how to make it an integral part of your culture. In this episode Sam and I, discuss accountability during this time of the Coronavirus health crisis and economic dislocation.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Why does accountability matter even more during the time of Coronavirus?
  • Why leaders must be transparent in their communications during these times.
  • What you were doing as a leader before the crisis hit?
  • Stewardship is a key part of accountability.
  • How to be accountable during a crisis?

For more information on Sam Silverstein and his work on accountability, click here.