Where does creativity fit into compliance? In more places than you think. Problem-solving, accountability, communication, and connection – they all take creativity. Join Tom Fox and Ronnie Feldman on Creativity and Compliance, part of the Compliance Podcast Network to explore these issues. In today’s episode we are joined by Ricardo Pellafone, founder and CEO of Broadcat. We visit with Ricardo about his journey into compliance and why he thinks most compliance training sucks, why it should be ditched and how we all need start over.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Ricardo’s journey into compliance and what led him to found Broadcat.
  • Why is compliance training the worst?
  • Why is using the using the right tool for the job critical in compliance training?
  • How can compliance training educate?
  • Why is it important to target specific behaviors in compliance training?
  • Why is awareness and communications so critical when thinking about compliance training?


Ronnie Feldman

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Ricardo Pellafone and Broadcat

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