In this five-part podcast series, sponsored by K2 Intelligence FIN, we consider defining and building effective compliance programs. I am joined in this series by Michelle Goodsir, a Managing Director at K2 Intelligence, and Gail Fuller, Financial Integrity Network (FIN) Vice President. Michelle has 25 years of financial crime compliance experience which includes fraud risk management, anti-bribery and corruption, corporate security and investigations, sanctions, and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) program experience working within the financial services industry and the US government. Gail focuses on developing, refining, and implementing FIN’s quantitative and qualitative risk rating tools. She leads engagements focused on helping FIN’s jurisdictional and private sector clients understand their exposure to financial crime risk and develop and implement strategies to mitigate their risks. Over this series we are considering key challenges in compliance, why compliance needs a seat at the table, how to do compliance on a budget; training and culture and what is on the horizon.

Episode 1 – The Biggest Issues in Compliance Today 

In this episode, I visit with Michelle Goodsir on the biggest challenges in compliance today.

Episode 2-Giving compliance a seat at the table – why compliance should be a part of business strategy  

In this episode, Michelle and I discuss why compliance needs to be an integral part of your business strategy going forward.

Episode 3 – Compliance on a budget: Solutions for entities of all sizes 

In this episode, I visit with Michelle Goodsir on the challenges around budgeting for compliance.

Episode 4 – Ongoing Compliance-Training and Culture

In this episode, I visit with Gail Fuller on how to facilitate ongoing compliance training, communications and re-emphasizing culture in an organization.

Episode 5 – What’s on the Horizon?

In this concluding episode, I visit with Gail Fuller as we look into that veiled land of the future and view what’s on the horizon for compliance.