This week’s guest on the Innovation In Compliance podcast is Amy Hilbert of Casepoint. She joined Casepoint to help build out their services for federal, state and local, and international government agencies, and to help ensure that the company had the right people, processes and contracting methods in place. She chats with Tom Fox about Casepoint’s services, and what they can do for compliance professionals.

Products and Services

Amy describes Casepoint as a legal technology platform, whose first component is e-discovery. Their clients use them “to help work through large volumes of data so they can narrow down to key pieces they need, either for a FOIA request, for an investigation, for certifications… or to actually go to litigation,” Amy says.

Moving Government To The Cloud

Tom asks Amy to describe the unique requirements government agencies must face as they move to the cloud. Amy responds that every organization, including the government, has to look at their risk posture before moving to the cloud. Since the government’s mandate is to protect the data of its citizens, they have to adopt more stringent policies and procedures. Amy points out, “Anything that goes into the cloud has to be FedRAMP certified.”

Project Management As The Key

Amy and Tom discuss why Casepoint was able to secure an exclusive contract with the SEC. “They [the SEC] went to great extents to make sure that they were really picking a solid solution based on the functionality and capabilities of the company,” Amy says. “I think the key for Casepoint was our ability to handle some of those complex data types that we received.” Tom remarks that Casepoint is not simply a technological platform and solution, but project management is also a key part of the company. Amy agrees that Casepoint’s project managers are a key part of the company’s success: they ensure that clients leverage the technology in the best way possible to get the most efficiency in their workflow.

How Compliance Professionals Can Benefit

Two case studies illustrating how Casepoint helped clients are shared. She points out that maintaining metadata is the key to data analysis. Tom comments that the case studies emphasize for him the services component as well as the workflow process, which would enable the user to “quickly and efficiently be able to use the data that you’ve been able to synthesize for them… Oftentimes in a corporation, compliance practitioners who are lawyers may not understand or be able to pull as quickly other types of information. So having that sort of in-house expertise … seems critical to me,” Tom says.