Welcome to the newest addition to the Compliance Podcast Network, Compliance and Coronavirus. This week, I visit with three Managing Directors from Affiliated Monitors about issues they are seeing around Covid-19 and the economy reopening, each from their professional perspective. In this episode I visit with Rod Grandon on issues around government contracting, government contractors and businesses which received PPP funding.

Grandon retired from the United States Government in 2017 after serving as a member of the Senior Executive Service with the Department of the Air Force and the US Coast Guard.  Immediately prior to his retirement, Mr. Grandon was the Air Force Deputy General Counsel for Contractor Responsibility and Conflict Resolution.  In that capacity, he served as the Air Force’s Suspending and Debarring Official, exercising authority to exclude contractors from the federal marketplace and entering into administrative agreements to provide contractors the opportunity to improve their operations and practices in lieu of suspension or debarment. He is the current co-chair of the ABA Public Contract Law Section, Suspension and Debarment Committee.  He is a frequent speaker and lecturer on matters relating to contractor responsibility.

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